For over 35 years, Filtration Systems has been providing unsurpassed knowledge of filtration for HVAC, HEPA, Cleanroom, Containment, UV-C, and Industrial Paint Overspray applications.  Serving Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Iowa and everywhere else in the world through out extended affiliate network. 

Certified Energy Savings Program From Filtration Systems For HVAC

Certified Energy Savings Program:

Our Certified Energy Savings Program (CESP) was launched to:


1) Promote awareness & implementation of energy efficient measures within existing HVAC systems to result in substantial monetary and energy savings, greatly reducing carbon footprint, emissions, and make facility engineering departments more efficient
2) Offer non-capital expense solutions to make them easier to implement as no additional funding is required
3) Provide quantifiable, objective metrics of energy savings


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camfil farr 30/30 filtration systems air filters

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