Air Filters for Food and Beverage Production and Packaging Facilities

Clean air is expensive, but to limit the risk of recalls and contaminated product in Food and Beverage production and packaging facilities clean air is a requirement. Outdoor air though has a wide variety of both particulate and more difficult to filter molecular/gaseous pollutants. Being able to re-circulate are throughout the facility is generally a less expensive way to get clean air – and it won’t introduce the molecular contaminents to the product being produced or packaged within your facility. Unducted Air Cleaners are a great solution to help the fight for affordable clean air in these types of applications.

Some air filter manufacturers have created lines of products that are specifically for Food and Beverage applications. Because of the wash down, processes, and other cleaning procedures unique to this industry getting the right filter in the right spot can make a world of difference – so much that you may not have thought possible from an air filter.