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Clean Room Filters - More than meets the eye.

June 15, 2017 |

The number of requests we get for replacemnt "2x4" clean room filters is astounding and it seems that this very common request would be easy to answer - but clean room HEPA filters are not quite that easy.  Some additional information is key to be able to ensure you ...

MERV 8: The Most Common Filter in The United States

June 05, 2017 |

The MERV 8 pleated filter is the most commonly used air filter in the United States.  Possibly a better way to say this is the 2" deep pleat is the most commonly used, as manufacturers continue to take advantage of the ASHRAE 52.2/MERV testing system and now many of ...

MERV 11 Air Filter - The Compromise Efficiency

June 02, 2017 |

It could be that because we're in the Midwest and it's part of our culture more than other places, but we are always seeking a compromise between High-Quality and Price.  Never thinking we deserve the "best" and compromising with "good enough" has lead to high demand ...