Learn About Air Purification and Filtration

Paint Booth Exhaust Filters

August 14, 2017 |

Recent trends in Paint Booth regulations and filter manufacturing have created some confusion in what type of filters are actually needed for paint booth exhaust.  Too often we find that operators are using old style filters that perform poorly compared to more modern ...

Chillers and Cottonwood Don't Mix: Cottonwood Screens Prevent Problems

August 08, 2017 |

Cottonwood seeds are known to travel up to 5 miles and each cottonwood tree sheds their seeds for two weeks.  Those of us living in the Midwest United States can count on anywhere from one to three months of seeing cottonwood seeds flying around, though most seasons up ...

When The Washable Air Filter Works Best

August 07, 2017 |

The Washable Air Filter still has a place in the air filter world.  Even as air quality concerns have put the focus on high efficiency air filters and away from the lower efficieny ones.  Being one of the largest distributors of air filters in the United States and ...