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Camfil Absolute 99.97 HEPA Filters

March 09, 2017 |

Camfil 1XH HEPA filterCamfil HEPA filters that are for use in HVAC systems (as opposed to cleanroom/ceiling units) are the Absolute series with efficiecies starting at 99.97% at 0.3 micron.  There are a few things that make Camfil's Absolute HEPA filters different from any others.  

The manufacturing process for Absolute 99.97 and higher filters is done in Camfil's state of the art Cleanroom in Riverdale, N.J. ensuring that the product used to create clean air is made in a clean air environment.  Many other companies make theirs right next to where they make low-efficiency pleated and panel filters - and that's not right!

Take a Look At the Camfil HEPA Filter manufacturing process:



Other than being made in a cleanroom there are a few other things that make Camfil Absolute HEPA filters stand out above the rest:

First is the poured-in-place gasket that won't leak like standard foam gaskets that are jointed in the corners - ensuring all the air goes through the HEPA and not through a leaky gasket.

Second is the tapered separators the hold the media in place.  Aluminum separator style filters are the most common for 6" and 12" deep HEPA filters.  These separators can vibrate and tear the delicate media, and if they are not tapered it leads to higher static pressure and poor dust laoding.  By using tapered aluminum separators Camfil filters offer the lowest static pressure, lowest failure rate, and highest dust holding capacity.

Third is the options available are un-matched.  From the price-consious mini-pleat media HEPA available in 95% DOP and higher, to a standard and high-capacity aluminum separator styles, and finally in thier Premium Filtra 2000 and Absolute VG low-static pressure filters.  All of these are available in gasket or gel seal, with or without protective screens, and steel, aluminum, stainless, and even high-strength and lightweight ABS plastic.

Initial Static Pressures:
Minipleat 99.99% 1.0" w.c. @ 400 fpm
1XS Standard Capacity Absolute 99.97 1.0" @ 250 fpm
1XH High Capacity Absolute 99.97 1.35" @ 500 fpm
Filtra 2000 & Absolute VG 99.99 0.80" @ 500 fpm

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Written by Ben Klawitter