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March 06, 2017 |


 Manufacturing, coating, welding, grinding, and other industrial facilities are used to having dirtier air than office buildings or other commercial buildings, but current regulations and demands of employees have created a need for these facilities to greatly increase air quality.  This can getdifficult and expensive as most ventialation systems are not designed to handle the large amounts of larger than normal particulate, and air pollution control (APC) systems are effective but expensive.  The answer: Unducted Air Cleaners!

When there is source generation of significant particulate it can overwhelm a buildings ventilation system, which is not designed to handle excessive amounts of particles.  Depending on the climate it can also be very expensive to simply install exhaust fans/hoods and pump the contaminates air out of the building so it can dilute itself with the cleaner outside air.  At this point you are left with two options: Source Capture and Unducted Air Cleaners

Source Capture

There are a lot of benefits of source capture filtration, in particluar their ability to handle extreme amounts of particulate.  These system range from cyclone style systems on the low-end to the high performance Gold Series.  The downside of these systems is that they rely on ductwork that must be run throughout the space being cleaned (and also adds to the system's mantienance needs).  Typically hoses or flex-duct is run from a main piece of ductwork that spans the length of the space and connects to the dust collection equipment, this flex duct is then positioned near the source that is generating the particulate.  Where these systems start to lose their effectiveness is if the source keeps moving, like free-hand welding, or if the space is too large, like a commercial bakery.

Unducted Air Cleaners

CamCleaner Industrial Air Purifier

These devices have suffered a bit of a bad name in recent years because many companies that manufacture them don't give them any more respect than a "fan box with a filter" when in reality there is more to it than that.  Sizing and placement of these pieces of equipment is critical to their success, pair that with an appropriate filter and you can have a highly effective means of controlling nuisance particulate.  The right filter is where many of these systems fail, by using odd size filters as a standard practice the manufacturers of most unducted air cleaners force you to buy their filters - this is a horribly decietful practice, and you should make sure to purchase a system that uses standard size filters which are cross-sections of 24"x24" and 12"x24"  With the proper filter and placement, these industrial air filtration systems can clean up any nuisance particles floating around your facility.  

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In some cases it is adviasable for these two systems to supplement one another - the source capture system for extremely high particle capture, and the unducted air cleaner to remove the rest.  When the problem is more moderate then an unducted air cleaner system is a much more cost-effective industrial air purifier solution.

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Written by Ben Klawitter