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Corrosion Control: Top 5 Topics for Corrosive Environment Air Filters

March 23, 2017 |

Corrosive Environments require specialty air filters to properly offer corrosion control; however most air filter suppliers are too eager to sell a filter without doing the proper site evaluation or invest in the needed capabilities to create the optimal filtration for ...

Corrosion Control in the Corrosive Environment

February 21, 2017 |

The goal of every wastewater plant, electronics manufacturer, and other facilities that either generate corrosive gas or are sensetive to corrosive gasses is to get to a Mild or G1 level as defined by ISA 71.04:2013 in order to ensure that there are no ill effects of ...

Concussions & Carbon

May 23, 2016 |

For one not so glorious year I played football in Jr High, and despite being one of the smaller guys on the team my position assignment was tight-end. That meant practicing with the linesmen. One drill we would do is two of us would lay on our backs ear-to-ear; when ...