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Protecting Chillers from Cottonwood

February 26, 2018 |

Spring time in the northern Mid-west brings with it so much work for facility engineers that there jsut isn't enough time in the day.  With daily temperature swings of 60 degrees common, snow one day and rain the next, planning can almost be a worthless exercise.  ...

Chiller Cottonwood Cleaning Screen

February 15, 2017 |

Cleaning Chillers becomes a common chore in areas with a lot of cottonwood trees, swamps with cattails, and near other high debris generating foliage.  In some cases the problem can be so bad that chiller cleaning may be needed every two weeks during peak cottonwood ...

Keeping HVAC Coils Clean with Cottonwood Screen and UV-C

March 03, 2016 |

Keeping condensing and cooling coils clean increases their efficiency by 15%-30% depending on what research paper you read. The problem with most of these coils is they are difficult to get at or inside the AHU and require shutting the system down - which may not be a ...