Certified Energy Savings Program

Somewhere between 30%-50% of the energy used by a building is consumed by the HVAC system to heat, cool and move fresh clean air throughout the building. Because of this there is more opportunity for energy savings in an HVAC system than in the lighting or water systems even though the current LED lighting craze would make you think otherwise, and your HVAC system’s air filters are a major cause of the energy used by the system. By optimizing your HVAC air filters and possibly installing UV-C lights the energy savings can be substantial.

Filtration Systems found the energy rebates offered by electric utilities fell short and emphasize areas for improvement that offer lower savings and higher inital costs than what can be accomplished by using energy efficient components like optimized HVAC air filters and UV-C lights within your HVAC systems. To combat this lack of rebates and funding from utilities and other government supported programs the Certified Energy Savings Program (CESP) was created as an independant program to help organizations realize the energy savings associated with optimized air filters and UV-C systems to help your facility become more energy efficient. The inital survey and report are free – so have us out soon!

How the CESP works:

1) A representative of Filtration Systems will visit your facility and perform a survey of the HVAC system. *This is done at no-cost*
2) A report will be prepared and we will present the energy savings opportunities and what the payback and costs of the opportunities would be. *This is done at no cost*
3) If there are opportunities that you would like to pursue, then they are implemented at the costs shown in the free report.
4) Ongoing performance checks are done to verify the energy savings.

This is not a fee-for-service program, so there is NO COST if you choose not to implement any of the opportunities we present to you!


Are there rebates from utility companeis to go along with the CESP?

the survey or report no rebate is needed to cover that portion of the CESP. For the implementation of any desired projoects a custom rebate may be issued at the discresion of the utility and we will happily work with you through the custom rebate proces

Is the CESP affiliated with any Government Agency?

No, this is an independant program started by Filtration Systems, Inc. to promote energy efficiency and a more sustainable future.

If the Survey and Report are free, who re-imburses Filtration Systems for your time?

Becasue Filtration Systems values a more sustainable future the associated costs of the survey and report are adsorbed by us

Do you offer financing for projects within the CESP?

The projects within the CESP are typically non-capital expenses and do not typically require funding outside of current operating expenses. We do want project to be implemented so if help financing the projects is needed we are committed to helping.

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