Chillers and Cottonwood Don’t Mix: Cottonwood Screens Prevent Problems

Chillers and Cottonwood Don’t Mix: Cottonwood Screens Prevent Problems

Cottonwood seeds are known to travel up to 5 miles and each cottonwood tree sheds their seeds for two weeks.  Those of us living in the Midwest United States can count on anywhere from one to three months of seeing cottonwood seeds flying around, though most seasons up here last about 6 weeks.  During that time these light and fluffy seeds are floating around and seem to be almost magnetically attracted to chiller coils and cooling tower basins.  These nasty seeds plug up the system and cause your cooling equipment to work on average 37% harder to meet the needed cooling demand.  However well-built, measured, and installed chiller cottonwood screens can prevent this loss in efficiency and make a maintenance headache all but dissapear!

One of the most aggravating aspects about cottonwood is that the seeds start flying and plugging chiller coils after pollination, which means you have just entered cooling season and already performed the needed preventive maintenance on the equipment – and should be shifting your focus to the other problems of the day.  Now time must be diverted away from the other stuff that needs to get done and the chiller must be cleaned off in order to get your facility the cold water it needs to function properly.

From speaking to many different facility engineers over the course of nearly 40 years, to clean out a chiller takes anywhere from 20 minutes to 5 hours depending on how easy it is to access, how dirty it has gotten, and the method of cleaning.  With some areas cottonwood is so thick it requires twice a weeks cleanings, causing a huge drain on your labor resources and there is no reason for it.  Once a cottonwood screen is installed on your chiller you can get it clear of debris in a couple minutes and get back on with your day!

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Here at Filtration Systems we pride ourselves on providing solutions that save time, energy, and raw cost budget dollars – and chiller cottonwood screens continute to be the number one product that we get the most referrals from.  Once these get installed our customers tend to look for more places to put these filters like air intakes, refrigerator coils, coolers, and anywhere else that large particulate causes problems.

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