Cleanroom Filters, Modular Cleanrooms, Clean Benches & Workstations

Pharmaseal – The standard in Terminal Diffusers

With more options and customizable features – all the way down to different grille retainers – offers you everything you need with nothing you don’t. Now avialable in fan-powered these Room-Side-Replaceable terminal HEPA and ULPA diffusers are the industry standard. They are fully welded with no silicone caulk ensuring hood integrity, all in Camfil’s state-of-the-art NQA-1 and ISO9001-2008 facility.

Table-top, Stand-up, or Sit-Down Clean Benches/Workstations

If you need a workstation with absolutly clean air we have a wide variety of vertical and horizontal flow combinations. Clean Benches and Workstations are available in an almost endless array of vertical and horizontal flow combinations. We can help you choose the combination that suits your particular application. We offer products designed to accommodate even the most stringent clean room conditions. HEPA, ULPA, and custom designs are all possible.

Low Profile Ducted Diffusers

If you don’t need anything special and diffuser height needs to be minimized than the Slimline is the terminal diffuser for you. Available with an adjustable or fixed damper, and a Room-Side-Replaceable option it is a meat and potatoes kind of HEPA or ULPA diffuser.

Replacement Cleanroom HEPA or ULPA Panels and Diffusers

By working with a variety of HEPA and ULPA panel manufacturers we can either get the exact panel or diffuser you need, or we can custom make one to the required specifications. Micro-glass and ePTFE media available.

Modular Clean Rooms

Modular Hardwall or Complete Softwall rooms are versitle, affordable, and designed for easy assembly on-site. All of the components (t-grid, ceiling and wall panels, etc.) of our rooms are engineered and pre-cut at our manufacturer’s facility for on-site assembly. The versatility and cost-effectivness of softwall Clean Rooms is hard to beat, and we can build to your specifications if our standard designs don’t fit exactly what you are looking for.

Air Shower and Pass-Through Cabinet

Our Air Showers achieve ISO Class 5 (100) environment at a minimum velocity of 5,000 FPM. They are lighted with Flourescent lamps and multiple voltage options exist. We have multiple standard designs, and of course can design to your specifications if needed.

Just moving product from one room to another and don’t need a full size Air Shower – Great, we’ve got smaller pass-through cabinets as well to be flexible to your specific needs.

Ceiling Systems

Building your own room and need a ceiling? Or are you replacing components or an entire existing cleanroom ceiling? Perfect we’ve got a wide selection of 1.5″ and 2″ T-Grid, Suspension Hardware, Intersection Connectors, Light Fixtures, Teardrop Lighting, Flow-through Troffers, and Ceiling Panels.

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