HVAC Coil Cleaning

Clean Cooling coils are necessary to optimizing the energy efficiency of your building’s HVAC system. With so much money and time invested in maintaining these systems simply keeping the cooling coil clean will not only increase the efficiency of the coil, but also reduce the additional maintenance an wear and tear on the HVAC system.

When coils get dirty they increase the resistance of airflow through the coil and aren’t able to cool the air as effectively. Even 6/1000th of an inch of build-up increased airflow restriction by 15% This increased restriction means your fan has to work harder, putting more stress on the belts and bearing. It also means more air needs to be drawn through the system – increasing energy costs and wear and tear.

UV-C makes coil cleaning a thing of the past

If you’re running a really good maintenance program cooling coils are cleaned, either by chemical foams, pressurized water, or pressurized air once a year. Here in the Midwest, this usually occurs in early spring before we get into our cooling season. But as soon as you’re done cleaning that coil the build-up starts again.

THERE IS GOOD NEWS THOUGH: UV-C lighting has been proven for over twenty years to eliminate the need to clean your cooling coils ever again, and it is finally affordable. Most UVGI systems payback in less than 6 months – which is important for the shorter cooling season here in the Upper Midwest of Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa where we at Filtration Systems call home.

Reaction of DNA helix eposure to UV-C light

Reflection of UV-C light in a coil

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UV-C light has been used for over 100 years in water treatment, and in 1996 it started being used in commercial HVAC systems to improve IAQ and irradiate cooling coils – keeping them clean and operating at peak efficiency. This is not some new, untested, flash-in-the-pan technology. It works by destroying the DNA sequence of organic matter (the bio-films, slimes, molds, bacteria, etc. that cause a cooling coils to become plugged) and once the original build-up is destroyed and is rinsed down the condensate line the presence of the UV-C light prevent future build-up.

There is no pre-cleaning you need to do, simply install a coil irradiation system in your HVAC downstream of the cooling coil and let it clean the coil for you, then let it continue to keep your coil clean and operating at peak efficiency. We’ve seen coils go from over 3” of static pressure to under 1” in the matter of weeks.

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