College Air Filter Change Saves Big

College Air Filter Change Saves Big

A Minnesota college recently audited their air filters, and found surprising performance differences between different pleated air filter brands.  Having spent many years buying from a combination of State Contract suppliers and Specify and Bid contract awarded to the lowest price supplier they wanted to see if the higher priced filters actually offer and advantage or if the extra price is just due to a brand name.

When trying to decide what air handler to test it was an easy choice.  There was an AHU that had consistently required changing filters every 3 months for many years and with multiple different brands of filters.  The trial filters were installed just prior to Spring, so they would have to endure the most rain and highest particle counts that are seen all year.  If there was any benefit to be had, this time of year and this air handler pushes all filters to their breaking point.

When the trial FARR 30/30 filters were put in, the current supplier filters were at 14 weeks old, were warped and had several blown-out.  After 26 weeks/6 months the FARR 30/30 filters were still structurally sound with no filters blown out.

Have Your HVAC Filters Audited

Even in the toughest conditions, with the most abusive air handler the FARR 30/30 proved to outlast any other filter that had been tried.  Using this data the use of FARR 30/30 filters were implemented campus wide to the following benefits:

  • Reduced filter purchases by 3,000 filters annually
  • Eliminated the need for FIVE 20-yard dumpsters annually
  • Diverted 150 hours of labor to other more important tasks than changing air filters

If you would like to see how much benefit the FARR 30/30 can offer your facility, please contact us by clicking here!

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