Cut Your District’s Air Filter Purchases In Half or More!

The Process:

1) Meeting to determine your District’s IAQ goals/thresholds
and review your current filter usage

2) Survey of your HVAC systems

3) Generation of a report that will showcase how to meet or exceed IAQ goals
deliver the longest filter life, and do so with the lowest energy use

4) Periodic reviews and checks to ensure the performance promised is the
performance we are delivering


We work with 15 different manufacturers to fit the best product to your specific Air Handlers. Most filter suppliers only work with 1 or 2 manufacturer’s forcing them to think filter first and “make it work” while we are able to think application first


A District with 5 buildings was happy with their current filter program, and were getting a very low price on their air filters. With no expectation that we could deliver value, we were allowed to presumptively fail so we would go away. However, Filtration Systems was able to provide significant value and has become a long-term supplier for the district.

A District was experiancing short filter life in the Air Handlers that serviced the Gym at their High School, a common problem, and after our assesment and recommendation filter life was more than tripled.

    We were asked to asses a district with over 20 facilities to determine what we could do. They had been using a variety of vendors, each producing similar resuts. In the first year we reduced filter consumption by 51% and by 60% in year two.