Energy Smart

Energy Smart Combinations

The components you use matter, and when you are looking to reduce your facilities energy consumtion to as little as possible the right combination of the following products will get you there.

Coil Irradiation With UV-C

Reducing pressure drop across coils is one of the easiest ways to save energy. Coil cleaning is time consuming and not as effective as irradiating the coils with lamps that emit UV-C light; and becuase UV-C runs 24-7-365 your coils don’t just get back to system design, they stay at system design. When debris is allowed to build-up on coils over time the unit has to push more air and work harder to reach and maintain tempature in your facility. A common response is to lower the supply water temp, or pump more chilled water – both expensive options.

Pay-back time for UV-C is so fast electric utilities are hesitant to issue rebates, often times telling us “It’s too inexpensive and works too well” to warrant a rebate. But we are happy to work with you and your electric utility to obtain a deserved rebate for this energy saving technology.

High Efficiency With No Prefilter Required

Completely re-designed from the floppy and delicate bag filters of the past, and their competitors, Camfil has created the Hi-FloES. With proprietary frame, pocket design, media, and pocket support this filter is guaranteed to last as long as any other high efficiency filter without the need for a prefilter.

The low sustained pressure drop and high dust holding capacity, while also being able to be used without prefiltration is a truly unique offering. Prefilters consume a lot of energy due to their relativly low holding capacities and require frequent change-outs. By eliminating the need for this once necessary evil the energy saving potential of this filter has created as close to a “perfect” air filter as there has ever been.

MERV-8 Champion

When MERV-8 is all your equipment will allow, or prefiltration is required in your facility (i.e. hospitals) you can’t get better than the Farr 30/30. It performes so well it comes with a free replacement guarantee if it doesn’t last longer and provide a lower sustained pressure drop. The lower pressure drop combined with the air filters abiltiy to hold more dust and take more abuse from the elements delivers otherwise unachiveable energy performance for a MERV-8 filter.

Secondary Savings

The proprietary radial outlet and inlet setback of the Durafil ES2 give it unparalleled energy savings. Focusing on how air moves through a filter first lead to the creation of an air filter with 60% more open area for air to more freely move through than any other V-Bed filters. In addition the media pack has precision controlled spacing and depth which contributes to its 40% lower energy use than other high-efficiency filters, and 30% lower energy use than other V-Bed style filters.

For applications like Hospitals and other high purity applications that require multiple stages of air filters, there is no other Migh Efficiency HVAC air filter as energy saving as the Durafil ES-2.

HEPA – For Absolutely Clean Air

HEPA filters inherently restrict a lot of air because the fibers have to be very close together to catch the tiny 0.3 or 0.12 (mpps) particle sizes at 99.97% or more. The Absolute V-G is the modern variation of the Filtra 2000 which was the benchmark in HEPA filtration energy use since it was developed. This modern variant is the lightest HEPA on the market at 29lbs, can be crushed and incenerated, and has an inital static pressure of only 1.0″ w.c. at 600 feet per minute. By comparison other high-capacity HEPA filters average 1.35″ w.c. at only 500 feet per minute.

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