Frames and Housings

HVAC and HEPA Air Filter Frames and Housings

Camfil Absolute V-G High Capacity, Low Static HEPA Filter

With an intial static pressure of only 1″ w.c. at 600 Feet Per Minute face velocity this is the lowest pressure drop HEPA avilable. It is also the lightest at 29lbs for a full size 24x24x12, utlizes Camfil’s proprietary poured-in-place gasket, and is fully incinerable and crushable – there are no aluminum or metal components used in this product. HEPA filters are often an energy drain, requiring a lot of energy to move air through the restrictive HEPA filter media – This is solved with the Absolute V-G where if you are running your HEPA at 2,000 cfm per 24×24 openeing the static pressure is only 0.80″ which is a 40% reduction compared to High Capacity aluminum seperator HEPA filters.

Sidelock – Side Access Crank Seal HEPA Housing

Ensuring a seal in a HEPA filter housing is critical to ensuring air moves through the filter instead of around it. The Sidelock housing from Camfil uses a crank operated springs capable of evenly distributing up to 700lbs of sealing force. Traditional bolt-style mounting systems are clumsy, significantly increase change-out times, and do not create as reliable a seal. With a minimal 25″ in-line depth, 2″ prefilter track, and three factory installed static pressure taps there is no finer gasket seal HEPA Housing.

Magna-Pack – Traditional Gasket Seal HEPA Housing

The Magna-Pack housing comes with a 2″ prefilter track and a challagne injection port for HEPA certification. It uses standard bolt-style retainers, and the all welded 14-gauge steel means it comes standard to +or- 8″w.g. 304 Stainless Steel and other options are available. We usually have a couple of these in-stock.

Clipless Filter Frame – FINALLY!!

Camfil’s new patented clipless air filter frame, the Fast Frame, will hold any headered filter, box style filter up to 4″ deep, or any combination of the two without the hassle of clips. Using proprietary compression tabs, upgraded rubber gasketing, and fully welded sconstruciton means every component of the Fast Frame is of higher grade than traditional filter frames. Made of 16ga. galvanized steel, 304 stainless, or 316 stainless.

Multi-Track Housings=Long Term Flexibility

Redisigned for modern air handling equipment the Multi-track series of air filter housings (sometimes referred to as an air filter box) from Camfil offer an industry leading <1% leakage rate guaranteed. These housing have Camfil’s proprietary Multi-Track extrusion that allows for maximum flexibility of filter options with only one housing. Available in Galvanized, 304, and 316 Steel as well as Aluminum, +or- 3″w.g. construction with an option for up to +or- 8″w.g., factory installed Double Wall Insulation is also an option. The MT25 is 25″ in-line Depth, and the MT13 is 13″ inline depth.  No matter the application, if you need a side access air filter housing box we can point you in the right direction. We also stock some 1×1 of the MT25.

The Ultimate Air Filter Frame Gasket

Continually looking to improve upon industry leading products, Camfil has designed their Replacement Frame Gaskets. Made of a unique blend of rubber and ozone-resistant plastic it delivers a better and longer lasting seal than the conventional open-cell gaskets. Also because it doesn’t rely on double sided tape or any other adhesives it is easier to intall as well.

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