HEPA Filter Frames
HEPA Filter Housings

HEPA frame and HEPA housing

HEPA Filter Frames:

The modular flexibility that a HEPA filter frame system allows makes it a popular choice among design engineers, OEMs, and facility owners/managers.  The benefits of using a frame system include:

  • Ability to make any-size filter bank, for any CFM level
  • Add a pre-filter kit to reduce the overall space it takes up in an air handler
  • Front Access makes filter replcaement easy
  • Available for both Gel-Seal and traditional Gasket-Seal 
  • Multiple depths can be accomodated

HEPA Filter Housings:

When side-access is required having a purpose built HEPA filter Housing is needed.  There are a few different styles but the two most common are Bolt-Style and Crank-Style, which refer to how the filter is held in place.  Crank-Style housings make replacement easier but come at increased cost, so for smaller applications or when filters will rarely need to be changed the more budget freindly Bolt-Style are recommended.

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