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Camfil Absolute V-G High Capacity, Low Static HEPA Filter

With an intial static pressure of only 1″ w.c. at 600 Feet Per Minute face velocity this is the lowest pressure drop HEPA avilable. It is also the lightest at 29lbs for a full size 24x24x12, utlizes Camfil’s proprietary¬†poured-in-place gasket, and is fully incinerable and crushable – there are no aluminum or metal components used in this product. HEPA filters are often an energy drain, requiring a lot of energy to move air through the restrictive HEPA filter media – This is solved with the Absolute V-G where if you are running your HEPA at 2,000 cfm per 24×24 openeing the static pressure is only 0.80″ which is a 40% reduction compared to High Capacity aluminum seperator HEPA filters.

Camfil X-Body Absolute HEPA or ULPA Filters

Available with Galvanized or Particle Board Frames, High and Standard Capacity, and 6″ and 12″ depths Camfil set the standard for HEPA filters with the x-body absolute. Utilizing their proprietary poured-in-place gasket and tapered aluminum separators give it lower pressure drop and longer life when compared to other traditional aluminum separator HEPAs. The X-body 99.97% aluminum seperator style HEPA is what most people think of when talking about HEPA filters.

High-Temp HEPA or ULPA Filters

When it’s going to get hot, we’ve got not one, not two, but three options for you. The K-Absolute high temp HEPA withstands temperatures of up to 500 degrees Farenheit, the F-Absolute high temp HEPA will handle up to 750 degrees Farenheit. The king of High Temp HEPA however is the Termikfil Absolute, designed to have the shortest break-in cycle this reduces down time which gives you more time in produciton and complies with the stringent FDA GMP requirements. If the airstream will go through daily cycles from hot to cold then the Termikfil High Temp is worth considering for your high temperature HEPA filter requirements.

Cost Conscious HEPA Filter Solution

The low-end of the HEPA market is where you’ll find the Seperatorless Mini-pleat design. With a lighter guage steel frame the UltraPac delivers HEPA level filtration with a lower price point. Seperatorless Mini-pleat HEPA filters have lower CFM limits, but are less expensive and contain no aluminum.

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