HVAC Air Filter Housing Options

HVAC Air Filter Housing Options

Since air filters made their way into HVAC systems, there have been different housing and frame systems to hold those air filters in place.  Each manufacturer wanted to create their own housing so you would be tied into their filters, or buy replacement parts through the OEM.  But there is some great news, with the world becoming a smaller place the reality of universal air filter housings for HVAC systems has become a reality.  Here’s how we got there: 

The Past

Depending on how much you watned to filter the air you would need a different housing, and once that housing was installed you were stuck with that efficiency filter, and that style of filter.  Even though filter sizes were mostly standardized, how they were made to integrate into a housing or frame system wasn’t, so if you wanted to switch filters it meant rebuilding the filter bank.

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Introduction Of Side-Access

With space-savings in mind, the HVAC industry shifted to side-access air filter housings, these allowed the conveniance of being able to change filters without having to get inside the system, which greatly reduced the size the equipment needed to be.  To further this sace savings, angled filter banks were also common, allowing more air through a smaller duct cross-section.  Again, these systems locked you into a filter style, and if you wanted to change the efficiency or go to a different style that may better fit your needs, you were stuck.

Universal Air Filter Housing

Now as the world becomes a more competetive marketplace, in order to get distribution manufacturers have been creating universal houings.  These new HVAC air filter housings allow for one housing to be installed in an HVAC system while giving the customer to change the style and efficiency they want as the use of the space and newer air filter styles get introduced.  By having this flexibilty there is no longer a need to rebuild a filter rack, or to be stuck with limited options.

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