HVAC Air Filter Frame & HVAC Air Filter Housing Options

Air Filter Frames:

The modular flexibility that an Air Filter frame system allows makes it a popular choice among design engineers, OEMs, and facility owners/managers.  The benefits of using a frame system include:

  • Ability to make any-size filter bank, for any CFM level
  • Use multiple efficiency filters in one frame to combine prefiltration and high efficiency filtration in one compact space
  • Front Access makes filter replcaement easy
  • The Fast Frame is now avaiable and doesn’t require the added frustration of filter clips
  • Multiple depths can be accomodated
  • Easily retro-fit into existing air handlers, like converting auto-roll systems to more modern filtration options

HVAC Air Filter Frame &HVAC Air Filter Housing Options

    Air Filter Housings:

    When side-access is required having a purpose built Air Filter Housing Box is needed.  There are so many options depending on what level of filtration you are trying to accomplish it is borderline infuriating.  However, now with a customer first design principle the first truly Universal Air Filter Housing is available to accomodate nearly any application and give you flexibility to switch between different styles of filters to meet changing goals.  For design engineers and OEMs this means one Universal Air Filter Housing can be specified to make the design process easier and customer happier with the end product.  Benefits of this housing include:

    • Increadibly low leakage – <1% guarnteed and individually tested before it leaves the plant
    • Accomodates multiple filter options, go form MERV-8 to MERV-14, or add a carbon filter with no modifications
    • Available up to 48,000 CFM
    • Transition flanges standard to make installation into air handlers easy
    • Static pressure ports factory installed

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