HVAC Air Filter Audit

Scope of Audit: To determine the energy requirements, useful life, and particle capture percentage of air filters within an HVAC system for the purpose of verifying filter performance or to objectivley compare multiple air filter options.

Why Do This Audit: Filter manufacturers and distributors promise long life, low energy use, low airflow resistance, and superior particulate removal. These claims are largely based on laboratory testing and ASHRAE even states the limitations of lab testing, including the ability to re-create "real world" conditions with test dust, in their standard 52.2-2012. This audit provides objective data to analyze how filters are performing within an HVAC system in their normal every-day use.

Testing Procedures:

  • Audit Period - The audit will start when new air filters are installed in the HVAC system(s) selected and continue until the filters have reached end of life.
  • Energy - Intermediate testing of the static pressure drop and VFD output, if applicable, across the filter bank will be done to determine the load the filters are putting on the HVAC system.
  • Useful Life - Visual inspections will be done to ensure filter integrity is maintained so there is no bypasss around or between filters. End of life will be determined by one of the following:
    • Manufacturer's prescribed final static pressure
    • End-User defined static pressure limit - i.e. double the initial as recommended by ASHRAE
    • Preventive Maintenance Schedule set by the end-user
    • Structural failure of the filter(s)
  • Particulate Efficiency - Upstream and downstream particle counts will be done throughout the audit period to track particulate efficiency during use. ASHRAE 52.2-2012 mentions some air filter media lose efficiency while in use. Filter(s) may be sent to an ASHRAE 52.2 testing facility as well.

The final report generated will be the property of Filtration Systems, Inc. and one or multiple copies will be made available to the organization who participated in the audit and will be supplied at the discretion of Filtration Systems, Inc. Agreement to participate in the Audit does not include any commitment for the participating organization to purchase any products or additional services from Filtration Systems, Inc.