Impacts of using an Industrial Air Purifier system

Impacts of using an Industrial Air Purifier system

Warehouses and Manufacturing facilites are often large sprawling buildings that make HVAC expensive and problematic.  Most of these facilities utilize unconditioned make-up air units with either a heating coil for winter, or just use supplemental space heaters inside the building.  This can lead to air quality issues, as dead spots can form and air exhanges within the building can be well under the recommended rate.  The Good News though is warehouses and other large sprawling facilities are perfect applications for Industrial Air Purifiers which can provide cleaner indoor air at minimal costs.

Here are the 4 biggest impacts of adding an Industrial Air Purifier to your facility:

1) Healtheir Environment for Employees  Most of the negative health effects of breathing air laden with fine and ultrafine particles happen over the long term.  The EPA published their “Particle Pollution and Your Health” brochure many years ago and the research has only grown to further support those findings and recommendations.  Unless a person suffers from acute respiratory issues like asthma, the benefits of better indoor air quality may go unnoticed for many years – but the fact remains if people work in a facility with a lot of fine and ultra fine PM they are at a high risk of developing reduced lung function and other respiratory problems like chronic bronchitis.  In today’s information age and people being aware of what they are breathing it is more important than ever to provide quality air to employees.

2) Cleaner Equipment  When your forklifts, computer/electrical systems, and other equipment is kept clean it reduces the stress on that equipemnt allowing it to function better and longer while requiring less maintenance.  This is especially important for things like forklifts and electrical devices as they actually attract fine and ultrafine particles.

3) Improved heating/cooling  Heating a large space with high ceilings is notoriously difficult and expensive, but having an industrial air purifer will eliminate dead spots and stratification which are two major factors that drive up the cost of heating these buildings.  Because the purifier circulates and moves the air in the space without bringing in or discharging out air it makes the indoor environment a consistent temperature and humidity from floor to ceiling.  The cost to heat a manufacturing or warehouse facility has been estimated by Camfil, one of the world’s largest air quality companies, to exceed $5.00 per cfm!  That creates a lot of room for improvement and cost savings.

 4) Have a Hiring Advantage  We rarely go a day without hearing about a customer of ours that is looking for quality candiates to come work for them and many of the recruiters we work with tell us that job seekers today have many options so every advantage counts.  Knowing that many job seekers have these options and knowing that most warehouse/manufacturing facilites have high amounts of fine particulate (even the clean ones have cardboard dust floating around) you can position your company as having higher indoor air quality and the potential employee can rest-assured that they are not raising their risk of developing respiratory issues when they work for you – which may not be the case if they go work for someone else.

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