Industrial Air Purifier – CamCleaner Horizontal the Unducted Air Cleaner from Camfil

Air quality isn’t just for hospitals, schools, and commercial office buildings anymore – Manufacturing facilities that generate welding fumes, brazing smoke, grinding dust, excess CNC/oil mist, sawdust, and sandblast dust are all the focus of regulatory agencies and increased employee demands for clenaer air.  Many solutions use the principle of dilution to bring in clean air and discharge the dirty air outside – in the upper midwest this gets exensive as most months we need to heat or cool the clean air supply.  Other systems that rely on filters to purify the air and discharge it back into the space often are cost prohbitive to install, don’t work well, or use filters that require frequent change-outs – Unitl Camfil decided to create the most cost-effective and longest lasting filtered system for these applications to boost IAQ in industrial facilities:

CamCleaner Horizontal:

Highly adapdable for many different applications, and able to switch funcitons on the fly make it the most versitle unducted air cleaner available.  Couple that with Camfil’s sustainability minded core design principle you get the most energy efficient system with the longest lasting filters made.  This one unit can be adapted to remove large particlute, fine particulate, gasses, and oil or water mist from the air.

Common applications for the CamCleaner Industrial Air Purifier:

  • Welding Fumes
  • Molecular Gas/Odor control
  • HEPA filtration
  • Oil Mist (like excess from CNC machines)
  • Brazing Smoke
  • Commercial Bakeries
  • Indoor Rock Climbing
  • Industial Coating

Anywhere there is something in the air causing issues, the CamCleaner can remove them