MERV-11 to MERV-16 High Efficiency Air Filters

Formerly 65%, 85%, 95%, 98%, and 99% with MERV-11, MERV-13, and MERV-14 being the most commonly used high efficiency air filters in the United States.  There are a lot of options to consider, each with their own nique advantages, disadvantages, and price points.  Filtration Systems offers free consultation to help you sort through all of these options and through our relationships with over a doven manufacturers and Certified Energy Savings Program we at Filtration Systems can determine a truly unique, long life, and low energy consuming solution for your facility or campus.

Hi-FloES: The No-Prefilter Required High Efficiency Filter

Available in Merv-11, 13, 14, and 15 this revolutionary air filter is guaranteed to last as long as other high-efficiency filters without needing the prefilter. Completely redesigned from the delicate and cheap bag filters of the past this filter is easy on the budget, reduces energy use, and lengthens the time between filter changes. As odd as it may sound, most MERV-8 prefilter panels, pleats, and cubes will require more energy than the Hi-FloES at MERV-13. So the Hi-FloES can allow a facility to upgrade to High Efficiency MERV-13 level filtration from enrty-level MERV-8 filtration at a lower energy penalty; combine this with the fact that change-out time will be significantly less you have a Total Cost of Ownership that is as low as possible while providing cleaner, safer air to the facility occupants. This is as close to a “perfect” air filter as has ever been created.

V-Bed Options

V-Bed air filters are the newest style of High Efficiency air filters and have been said to offer the longest life and lowest energy requirements of any high efficeincy air filter. However; because of the preception in the industry that V-Bed style filters are the best available, manufactrers are looking for ways to make V-Bed filter cheaper – leaving you in a difficult place as the performance gains are being negated by the cheapening of the production processes and materials. The Camfil Durafil ES2 has the unique radial design allowing 60% more open area on air exit creating better airflow and a set-back on the air entry side creating lower static pressure/energy use of any V-Bed filter. That being said we do have multiple V-Bed air filter options for you and can assit in sorting through them.

Compact Mini-Pleats

A favortie of OEMs and equipment manufactures due to their thin 2″ 4″ or 6″ deep profiles which allow them to reduce equipment footprint is quickly becoming a prominent high efficiency air filter. This is a little unfortunate bacuse these filters often do not perform well compared to other high efficiency filter options, and they do not usually cost little enough to compensate for their disadvantages. Many of these filters utilize synthetic medias to help reduce the typically high static pressure drop of this type of filter. Synthetics however are well documented to lose efficiency, so that’s not ideal either. GOOD NEWS: Filter maufacturers that we work with are creating retro-fit solutions to be able to utilize other styles of filters where it was a compact minipleat only air handler.

Farr Riga-Flo – As Tough As They Come

One of Farr Company’s pioneering efforts and still the toughest High-Efficiecny air filter available. The durable heavy gauge steel frame and supported media make it capable of withstanding the highest airflows without degredation of the media. The lack of aluminum seperators ensure the filter won’t puncture itself; partnered with high-loft media it can hold a significant amount of dust before reaching final pressure – which means long filter life for you. This is an old style filter, with some disadvantages but in some cases it is still the best solution

Aluminum Separator / ASHRAE Cell

One of the most common, oldeste types of high hfficiency air filters currently in service in the United States. Their populartiy is fading becuase it is one of the highest energy users and the initial cost is not low enough to compensate. With all of the High Efficiency air filter options available on the market today, there is no place for this dinasaur of a product that offers no real advantages and nearly every disadvantage an air filter can have.

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