Merv-8 & Under

MERV-8 and Under Pleated and Panel Air Filters

Medium and Low Efficiency and Prefilters

Farr 30/30 Guaranteed to Perform

Since 1963 the Farr 30/30 has been a Premium Solution for long lasting, low energy consuming, & truly MERV-8 air filter. With fine-fiber ultra high loft media, welded wire support, and durable water resistant frame none is made tougher. This performance is so superior that it comes with a free-replacement guarantee if it doesn’t perform as stated.

Self-Supported Merv-8

Fully incinerable and inexpensive, the multi-pleat elite offers an option for the most price sensetive of customers. Available in both Standard and High Capacity.

Lowest-pressure drop Ring Panel

Ring-panels usually suffer low dust holding capacity and a high resistnace to airflow – But not the latest offer from Columbus Industries. Since 1965 Columbus Industries has been focused on making the best performing ring-panel, cube, and paint overspray filters available. The SL-5A, dubbed the Pleat Commander, offers some distinct advantages as a MERV-8 air filter when used in the correct application.

Under MERV-8 – Poly, Metal, and Fiberglass

When you need to just fill a hole or your application requires an even lower level of filtration we have you covered. Fiberglass service rolls and disposable panels. Polyesyer bulk rolls, pre-cut pads, and disposable panels. Metal/washable filters from inexpensive galvanized steel, multiple grades of Aluminum, and Stainless Steel.