Ring and Link Panel Air Filters

Ring Panel and Link Panel air filters

Since their invention in the 1960's Ring and Link panel filters have been offering building maintenance professionals with an alternative to flimsy fiberglass and polyester disposable or bulky and fragile pleated filters.

Ring Panel filters have a few distinct advantages over their disposable and pleated counterparts:

  1. Toughness - with a metal wire frame instead of cardboard the filters can be dropped or kicked without suffering structural damage.
  2. No Cardboard means no blow-outs when they get wet, making them ideal replacements for metal washable filters on the outside of Make-Up-Air Units.
  3. Compact thickness allows for more filters to be shipped in similar size boxes, most sizes are shipped 24/case while 2" pleats are only 12/case.
  4. Ring Panels can also be factory Linked to provide one continuous piece of media across an entire filter bank - providing no bypass of air.

With all these advantages, why would anyone not use ring and link panel filters?


Because of the limited amount of media (the part of the filter that does the filtering) that can be in a ring panel style filter, they have always had higher static pressure compared to other options, most notably pleated filters. Higher static pressure means higher energy use. But not anymore!!

The Pleat Commander (or SL-5A) from Columbus Industries offers a revolutionary new media that rivals pleated filters in energy efficiency and airflow while giving you all the benefits of Ring and Link Panel style HVAC air filters. Not only does the SL-5A from Columbus Industries offer low-static pressure/High airflow it also has superior Dust Holding Capacity - meaning it will last longer than any other ring or link panel style filter. Columbus Industries even warranties this filter to do so - if you don't get twice the life before becoming too restrictive they will rebate your purchase!

Don't Wait Any Longer!