Increase Your Nurse's Office Air Quality to Hospital Exam Room Air Quality

In a School building, the Nurse's Office is the equivalent to an exam room in a hospital, but the air is not treated in the same way. Overwhelmingly, the air supplied and recirculated in a School's Nurse's Office is treated by the same filtration and purification systems used for the School Gym - doing little to control the spread of airborne pathogens.

Even if you school uses high efficiency filters in the air handling system it is typically limited to MERV-13. Most airborne pathogens are so small that MERV-13 filters do a poor job of capturing them. MERV-13 is what we would say is the minimum filter efficiency a building should have, but even then - 99.97% HEPA filters (which capture significantly more and smaller particles than MERV-13) only stop about HALF of the Influenza virions!

So what can be done in your School's Nurse's Office to help boost the protection against airborne pathogens like Influenza, and will it cost way too much money?

The Air Purification Specialists at Filtration Systems, Inc. have partnered with Camfil - the world's largest manufacturer of HEPA and Molecular filtration, and UV Resources - a pioneer in the UV-C industry, to create the most effective solution to all but eliminate airborne pathogens in your Nurse's Office. And do so affordably!

Our complete system offers the following benefits that set it apart from any other system available:

1) Reduce Influenza Virus by over 98%

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2) HEPA Filtration that Meets EN1822 and IEST Standards

An overwhelming majority of "HEPA" filters are not tested after they are made to verify leak-free design, and many use media known to degrade in efficiency - Camfil refuses to batch test HEPA media and assume it to be good or use cheaper media. Take a look at this video comparing Camfil's HEPA filter to the industry standard:

3) Molecular Filtration that Meets
ISO-10121 Standards

Many pathogens, irritants, and harmful airborne compounds are smaller than even the highest quality HEPA filter can catch. These things are Molecular in nature and therefore requires filters designed for these tiniest of chemical compounds. Camfil's Proprietary RAD molecular carbon media is designed and tested at real-world conditions outlined in ISO 10121. Most carbon filters designed using old standards intended for WWI chemical warfare agents in very high concentrations. Higher concentrations are easier to remove than the trace amounts found in ambient air so filters designed around that standard are less effective then filters tested under ISO-10121

4) Easy and Compact Installation

To help keep costs down and easily incorporate our system into the small space of a School Nurse's Office we knew it had to go in easily and not take up valuable space in the room. All of the components install simply, out of the way, and do not require any special electrical requirements

So How Much Is THIS?? My School Doesn't Have an Unlimited Budget!

We know that budgets aren't unlimited and there are many things that need to be purchased to keep schools operating so affordability was top-of-mind when creating this system. For most cases the cost of this system is UNDER $2,500 For larger School Districts, or Schools that want to take this high level of protection to multiple rooms additional discounting and financing options are available.

More Questions? Interested in Implementing This System?