Paint Booth Filters Evaluation

The filters for paint booths can help, not hurt your production efficiency!

Most paint booth operators view filtration as a burdon and drag on production, but it doesn’t have to be that way.   By understanding that the Aerospace NESHAP, GACT NESHAP, and MACT NESHAP requirements are all dependent on your coating by testing your coating under your conditions with different filter options will provide you with a paint booth filter solution that lasts longer, catches what it needs to, and provides the best possible airflow through your booth.By providing your booth with clean low-particle air the transfer efficiency will increase while at the same time decrease defect/imperfect coating finishes.

When the paint overspray filters, or exhuast filters, are optimized through our FREE testing procedures where we simulate your operating conditions with your coating you are provided with a longer lasting filter allowing you to coat more parts instead of change out filters.

If you could cut half your filter changes by giving you a product that lasts longer – how much more efficient could your booth operate?

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