Paint Booth Filters from Filtration Systems

Paint Booth Filters, Powder Coat Filters, and the Industrial Paining Industry as a whole is filled with many different applications.  Each application and coating reacts with filters in a different way, which means a filter that will keep you in compliance with one coating may not with a different coating.

This variablitliy leads to suppliers giving customers filters that are not optimized at all for the variables in your specific booth, and that leads to uneseccary down-time, lost productivity, lower profits, and higher filter and disposal costs.  Our approach is to first thouroghly understand your specific requirements and application process, then potentially move to testing your coating given your variables against different filter options, and lastly make a recommendation.  Often overlooked in this process by other companies is the evaluation of the paint booth intake filters, as they play a bigger role than often get credit for.

Creating a custom made product is getting more common as coatings and regulations evolve, and our partnership with worldwide filter manufacturing powerhouse Columbus Industries, makes creating a luxury that is affordable and doesn’t have the “custom” price tag.

The benefits of having a custom made paint booth exhaust filter are:

  • Guarnteed compliance with NESHAP, 40 CFR, or other exhaust air permit regulations you may have
  • Longest Possible spray booth filter life – giving you less downtime, more profits, and less waste
  • Lower Operating Costs – because the spray booth filters are optimized for you, you’ll be buying fewer of them to handle the same amount of paint overspray