Paint Booth Filters: Options + Applications

Paint Booth Filters: Options + Applications

The air filters in your Paint Booth are probably fighting you more than helping you, and you’re also probably too busy to care – we get it.  But by taking a few minutes to evaluate your spray booth filters you can increaes your coating efficinecy and reduce costs – freeing up your valuable time.  Columbus Industries was founded over 50 years ago to optimize the performance of every paint booth because they realized something as simple as having proper paint booth filters can produce major results.

Unfortunately there are so many different air filter manufacturers out there, we repesent over a dozen ourselves, that trying to make a decision on who has something worthwhile and who is only looking to take your money can be difficult.  This is why we provide more educational opportunities like our eBook “Industrial Paint Booth Basics” so you can better judge how much truth there is in a salesperson’s statements.  Variability from booth to booth creats the opportunity for even more opportunity for questionable data to be produced.

Common Types of Paint Booth Filters Available:

  • Fiberglass pads/rolls
  • Styrofoam pads
  • Accordian/Pleated cardboard
  • Polyester pads/rolls
  • Specialty Polyester – waved, checkerboard, “x” multi-layer
  • Slit and Expanded Kraft – Mini-Mesh
  • Combination (multiples of the above combined)
  • Panels
  • Cubes
  • Bags

With all of these options, and each manufacturer saying their spray booth filters are the “best” it should make you pause to think: “What is Best?”  The answer ot that question is different for almost every company, and it takes a series of other questions that need to be answered in order to come to that conclusion.  Keep in mind there is no perfect company that makes a silver bullet paint booth filters solution that will work “best” in every application.


Answering these questions will help you determine what spray booth filters will be best for you:

  • “What regulations for exhaust air do I need to follow?”
  • “How often am I canging filters now, and what would be ideal?”
  • “How do I determine when it’s time to change filters?”
  • “How many different stages do I have, and why?”
  • “What types of filters will work with my filter bank?”
  • “How good are my intake/supply air filters – why are these the ones I’m using?”
  • “Is my defect rate higher than I’d like, or is it a tolerable amount?”
  • “Do I have special disposal requirements of the dirty filters – and how much does that cost?”
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