Paint Overspray

Industrial Paint Booth Filters

Current testing in Liquid Paint Overspray filters uses a type of paint that gives little usable data as it is a heavy solid and has large easy to catch particles. With current regulations the particulate in paints is getting more and more difficult to capture and exhaust regulations are becoming more strict having a filter designed just for you is now the most cost effective way to go.

Our process is to test the paint you most commonly use, or one that gives you trouble, in our lab which will be set-up to the conditions you coat in. Then we create a customized solution that will give you the longest possible service life. This reduces downtime, allows you to coat more product, and dispose of less paint filled filters –¬†Creating a true lowest cost of ownership.

Supra Series – Leading the Way in Paint Booth Exhaust Filters/Overpray Collection

With an intial static pressure of only 1″ w.c. at 600 Feet Per Minute face velocity this is the lowest pressure drop HEPA avilable. It is also the lightest at 29lbs for a full size 24x24x12, utlizes Camfil’s proprietary¬†poured-in-place gasket, and is fully incinerable and crushable – there are no aluminum or metal components used in this product. HEPA filters are often an energy drain, requiring a lot of energy to move air through the restrictive HEPA filter media – This is solved with the Absolute V-G where if you are running your HEPA at 2,000 cfm per 24×24 openeing the static pressure is only 0.80″ which is a 40% reduction compared to High Capacity aluminum seperator HEPA filters.

NESHAP Paint Booth Filter System

If higher efficiency is needed out of your overpray system we have the most options so you ge the perfect balance of meeting efficiency requirements, long life, and low cost for your specific coatings.

We have both traditional 1-4 pocket cube style filters, and the high surface area 6-Pocket Ever-Pak SS. Because of the vast differences between all the industrial coatings used today having the right filter is increasing difficult and nobody does it better than Columbus Industries.

Diffusion Media

A true diffusion media that evenly distributes air throughout your booth. Available in rolls, pads, and panels to fit any booth, and multiple desnsities and permiability to give you the airflow and air diffusion that you desire.

Booth Paper – Floor Covering

Options remain the theme within our indutrial coating offering and booth paper is no exception. We offer traditional booth papers and our Premium Synthetic Cleanguard covering that will not tear – period.

Coverings meet NFPA Standard 33 and OSHA 1910.107

Basic Paint Booth Filter System

When low initial cost are the main focus and you still need to meet GACT NESHAP, MACT NESHAP, or EPA Rule 40 CFR Part 63 HHHHHH we can help.