Unducted Industrial Air Filtration System – Applications

Unducted Industrial Air Filtration System – Applications

Industrial facilities have long had poor or non-existent air filtration, but with current pressures from both regulators and employees these facilities – like warehouses, light manufacturing, welding, industrial coating/painting, etc, the need for adding filtration is growing.  The simplest and often times most effective way to do this for these applications where filtration needs a boost is through the use of the Unducted Industrial Air Filtration System.  Here’s why:

Warehouses: With the constant recieving in and shipping out of product that a warehouse endures there is a lot of dust that becomes airborne and potentially some exhaust fumes that migrate into the facility.  As more research is done on the long-term health impacts of these conditions (now that we have a large pool of people that have worked for many years in these environments) is being published it has been found that there are serious health problems that arise from the inhalation of large volumes of dust and trace amount of exhaust fumes like NOx.  This knowledge has forced owners of these facilities to conduct regular IAQ testing and come up with remedies and solutions to avoid lawsuits due to having people work in unhealthy conditions.

Light Manufacturing: Depending on the type of manufacturing and the location of the facility (Rural or Urban) the pollutants found in light manufacturing facilities can be from something as simple to fix as large dust or other particulate that is generated from the manufacturing process to more complex issues like the formation of Ozone due to the correct environmental conditions existing in the facility.  Becasue of these diverse, and often times changing, pollutants ensuring that your industrial air filtration system can be flexible and able to remove different pollutants is important.  Most unducted industrial air purifiers are only designed for one type of pollutant and switching from a particulate removal system to a molecular one requires a different system.  When evaluating these type of systems for light manufacturing facilities it is important to ensure that the system you choose can be easily changed over to accomodate the changing needs you will have over the like of your facility.

Welding: Welding fumes make up a large portion of the applications for industrial air purifier equipment, which leaves you no shortage of options for this particular application.  The advantage of an unducted system is that it takes advantage of the thermal generation properties of the welding fumes, and allows them to be removed from the air in the most natural way possible – which leads to the highest removal rate of any system.  Most welding fume centered equipment relies on some sort of duct work or extraction arms that limit your welder and fumes still bypass the arms leaving them to create a cloud of smoke overhead.  The other benefit of unducted systems in this application is, if designed properly, they de-stratify the air in the shop and make it a more comfortable environment to work in.

In summary, any facility that needs a boost in filtration can easily implement an Unducted Industrial Air Filtration system at relatively low cost compared to other methods with minimal disruption, and usually an improvement, to the airflow and current heating and cooling controls of the space.

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