UV-C Light System Quote

Estimate the ROI of putting UV-C light systems in your facility:

Most facility managers and building owners are surprised to find out just how quickly these systems pay for themselves and how much of an impact they can make on your HVAC energy expenses through UVGI coil irradiation.  Simply fill out the form below and you will recieve an ROI estimate so you can determine if UV makes sense for your facility.

UV lights have been proven for over 20 years to keep the heat transfer at near-new levels – ensuring you get the maximum energy efficiency out of your system.  Even if you regularly are cleaning hvac coils in your facility they start to get dirty as soon as your done cleaning them, reducing the heat transfer efficiency.  After installing a UV lamp system, they clean coils 24 hours a day 7 days a week so the coil doesn’t get build-up again.

      Get A Quick UV-C light system Quote for your HVAC system:

      If you have already made the decision to install UVC light systems in your HVAC for UVGI coil irraditaion and would like to get a quote from us, simply answer the quesitons below and we’ll send you a quote!

      Once you install UV lights you can stop cleaning HVAC coils as the UV lamps will keep them clean and operating at peak efficiency.  If all you need is replacement UV-C lamps or other parts we can help with that too.