Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Using UV-C Light

For Coil Irradiation in HVAC Systems, Surface Disinfection and Decontamination, Upper Air Disinfection of Airborne Pathogens. Wether you are looking for Replacement UV-C bulbs, ballasts, tombstones, or other parts of brand new systems, we can help with UVGI!

Replacement UV-C Lamps & Ballasts

Whatever system you have, we have partnered with the leading manufacturers in the industry to be able to get you the OEM quality replacement lamps and parts you need to keep your system running and benefiting your facility.

Remote Lamp Mount – A Revolutionary New Concept

We partnered with UV Resources because they were founded on the principle of revolutionizing the market for HVAC applications and they certainly have done that. Their experiance dates back to the start of these applications in 1996 and the team at UV Resources put their minds together to make the RLM – (Remote Lamp Mount) system. This has significantly lowered the cost of UV light installations in HVAC systems by reducing the raw materials needed and simplifying installation. Most projects we help design unbelieveably short payback times – which is a good thing in the cold northern climate we serve.

NEMA 4X Weather-proof Side-Access Fixture

The X-Plus was originally designed for use in Roof Top Units (take a look at the quick payback infographic), but because of its ease of installation and low initial cost it is being used indoors as well for smaller or space confined systems. The ballast for the X-plus system is 120-240V self adjusting designed to be installed using lower voltage 120 or to leg-off the higher voltage lines that commonly are found in and around HVAC equipment.

Upper Air Germicidal Irradiaiton

Way back in the 1930’s and 40’s Upper Air UV Irradiation was common to help combat the spread of tuberculosis and the measels. Since TB and measels have been mostly under control in the United States, the use of Upper Air UV fell off eventually being almost non-existant. Now with new strains of viruses and bacteria present, coupled with the inexpensive cost of Upper Air fixtures they are making a comback to help combat these new airborne pathogens. Recent Studeis have shown this technology to eliminate over 98% of influenza virus in a room utilizing Upper Air UV Irradiation.

The UVR-GLO Upper Air fixture has the longest life and largest coverage area of any Upper Air UV fixture due to its specially designed and patented reflector that allows a lower wattage bulb to be used and still achieve higher germicidal output. GLO is the only fixture to have output to both sides as well as directly in front of the fixture meaning it takes less fixtures to cover a room – keeping your operating and aquisition costs as low as possible.

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