UVC Light – What’s In It For Me?

UVC Light – What’s In It For Me?

With the coverage and interest in UVC light growing in Hospitals, Schools, and other Commercial Buildings, we are often asked the following: “This UVC light stuff looks good, but what’s in it for me?”  or “Why would I spend the time and money installing a UVC light system?”  The reasons are numerous and w’ll focus on a few here

We aren’t going to focus on what Ultraviolet-C Band light is, or how Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) works, or if the technology is sound – it is.  In fact it’s so well accepted, check out our post “Why UVC Light Installs Are Booming” for more discussion on those topics.  This is more about getting direct to the outcomes based on your point of view.

Short On Time

If you have too much to do and never enough time in the day to get it done, then UVGI Coil Irradiation is the correct application for you.  Here’s a couple examples:  The typical HVAC coil takes between 6-8 hours to clean and if you use a heat wheel energy recovery it takes about 16 hours to remove, soak, and replace the wheel sections.  Heat wheels are so time consuming that many times they are never cleaned which decreases their effectiveness and makes them a pointless addition to your HVAC system.  By using a UVGI Coil Irradiation system this time can be spent doing other things, while your coils are cleaned and then kept clean with no time or effort on your part.

Sustainability & Energy Reduction

If you’re always looking for the next solution to lower your energy expenses to help create a more sutainable world and lower operational costs, the fast payback and energy benefits of Coil Irradiation is an easy decision.  The typical 10-ton Roof-Top Unit will get an extra 20,000 BTUH output after installation and that will save over 9,000 kWh per year per RTU.  With the low install costs you even get an ROI of about 6 months, so you can liekly get a budget approval too!  Have larger Air Handling Units – a 40,000 cfm AHU would see it’s BTUH output increae by neary 180,000 resulting in an annual savings of 105,000 kWh or 2.63 kWh per cfm.  At a delivered electrical rate of 10 cents per kwH that is an annual savings of $0.26 per cfm.

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Indoor Air Quality

Although Coil Irraditaion does have some IAQ benefits, the bigger IAQ bang for the buck is for using an Upper Air UV system.  These sytems have been used for decades and were instrumental in stopping the TB and Measels outbreaks in the United States, and in parts of the world where these diseaes are more prevalent Upper Air UV is required in healthcare facilities to protect the employees and other paitents.  Now areas up to 200 square feet can be covered with just one of these fixtures, making it an affordale and highly effective means to increase IAQ.  Multiple studies have been done and how much it reduces things like the common cold and influenza which are spread via airborne transmisson.

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