Washable & Metal Filter

Washable Air Filter, Metal Filter, & Reusable Air Filter Options

Reusable air filters are growing in popularity in the residential market due to their sustainability and “green” advantage of creating less landfill waste.  As this technology has improved, like no longer needing to pulse electrical current through the media, it is definately a more viable option.  Using these filters commercially is a little different, there are applications for them and we’re happy to help you match the right washable air filter for your specific application.

Other Washable Air Filters

A growing segment of the air filter industry is the Reusable Air Filter market, and as demand grows so does our offering to ensure we have the right filter for your application, be it residential or commercial.  Electrostatic Air Filter media has come a long way the last 20 years, and it wasn’t long ago we would refuse to sell an electrostatic air filter as they simply did not work well and it was not something we could put our name with.  Now thanks to better technology and manufacturing methods we have a variety of electrostatic and other reusable air filter options.  These includes electrostatic filter depths of 1/8″, 1/4″, 1/2″, 1″ and 2″ and can even add a magnet to the frames, foam filters, and rigid polyester.

Metal Air Filters

When most commercial buildings ask about washable filters, or “permenant” filters it is ususally metal filters that come to mind.  Commonly used for Make Up Air filter applications metal filters come in Galvanized Steel, Aluminium, and Stainless Steel, of these aluminum filter media is the most requested but usually a good galvanized steel filter will last longer before falling apart or rusting when compared to an aluminum filter.  These are also used as mist eliminator filters which has a slightly different shape to the expanded metal interior and drain holes in the frame for the water or oil to drain out.