Why Filtration Systems Partners with Camfil

Why Filtration Systems Partners with Camfil

Camfil is the world leader in air filtration for nearly every category.  Their persistence in creating new product and continuous improvement match our values here at Filtration Systems.  We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of products from several different manufacturers; however, Camfil’s unique posi


tion in the air filtration industry has set them apart for over 50 years as the leader in the industry, and we are their exclusive outlet for Minnesota, Western Wisconsin, and North Dakota.

There is no category of air filters that Camfil doesnât offer a premium solution for.  Here are a few examples of how we have seen their product benefit the customers we serve:

Hospital HVAC: Hospitals have some of the most complex HVAC systems of any buildings and a diverse need for different air filter requirements.  In storage areas for example a simple pleated filter that’s ISO coarse/MERV-8 is enough.  When you get to exam rooms then the need for ePM1 75% or MERV-14 is required.  Then you get to operating rooms that though not required, often use a variety of HEPA filters.  If the hospital is in an urban area, or has an active heliport then there is typically a need for a molecular or carbon filter.  In each of these areas there is a Premium Product Available:

The FARR 30/30 set a standard in 1963 of being able to last twice as long as any other pleat or panel filter, while catching more particulate, and doing so with less airflow restriction.  Because of how much air Hospitals move and because they operate 24x7x365 many hospitals change their prefilters every 2-4 months, with the FARR 30/30 typically delivers 4-10 months in these same facilities.  This product is guarnateed to last twice as long or you will receive free replacements.

For High-Efficiency filters the Durafil ESis in its 4th generation and offers superior energy efficiency, high efficiency filters tend to be energy hogs, and provide the longest life of any ePM1 75% or MERV-14 filter.  By using a fine-fiber media this filter is guaranteed to maintain the rated efficiency, ensuring compliance, and offer minimum 2-years of life; with many of our hospitals getting 3, 4, or even 5 years out of this amazing product.

Operating Rooms, AII, and other areas that require exceptionally clean air often use a HEPA filter.  As the company that created the Absolute HEPA – because it needed to catch Absolutely Everything – Camfil has more experience and manufacturing capacity than anyone else.  From unique advantages like the 29lb 24x24x11.50 Absolute VG, the poured-in-place gasket, or the Slimline and Megalam series ducted and replacement ceiling HEPA modules we can pair the best solution for the space.

General HVAC:  Schools, Commercial Office Buildings, Shopping Centers, and any other “general” HVAC applications had a paradigm shift when the Hi-FloES was launched in the United States.  After spending several years in development and proving itself in Europe the Hi-FloES was brought to US consumers.  Having several patented design characteristics the Hi-FloES was specifically designed to offer High-Efficiency filtration (most commonly in these applications that would be ePM2.5 50% and higher, or MERV-11 or MERV-13 using ASHRAE 52.2) without requiring the prefilter.

What is most surprising is that the Hi-FloES, in ePM1 50% or MERV-13 efficiency, will use less energy than an ISO Coarse/MERV-8 pleated or panel filter.  Plus it commonly lasts between 1-4 years before reaching final static pressure depending on operating conditions.  As is a common feature among the Premium Products this is also guaranteed to provide equal filter life without a prefilter compared to what is being used with a prefilter.

Specialty Applications: For high-purity areas like bio-safety laboratories or similar facilities there is the CamContain Pro Series Systems for the containment of any harmful particulate or molecular gas.  The Pharmaseal continues to be modified and updated to offer a superior ceiling HEPA system for pharmaceutical manufacturers and smaller pharmacies alike.  For Molecular (often referred to as Carbon or Charcoal) filtration the CityCarb, CamCarb, and ProCarb series offer different levels of protection dependent on the need – from Ozone and Nitrogen Oxide control in urban areas with the CityCarb products, higher concentration levels of a variety of gases, like morgue, wastewater treatment, and corrosion control environments with the CamCarb products, or for the most extreme cases the air scrubber ProCarb products.

Premium Products are able to provide our customers with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by taking not just filter cost, but also the associated shipping, labor, disposal, and energy costs into account.  By doing a thorough site-evaluation through our Air Filter Audit process we are able to give you multiple solutions that best fit your needs.

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