Why Filtration Systems Partners with Columbus Industries

Why Filtration Systems Partners with Columbus Industries

Founded in 1965 Columbus Industries has grown into a worldwide force in the Industrial Paint Filter and HVAC filter industries, while also maintain a strong presence with OEMs across multiple disciplines.  Filtration Systems’ relationship was born from their exceptional paint booth filters and has grown with their low static pressure drop HVAC air filters.

 Paint/Spray Booth Filters:  Starting in paint overspray collectors in 1979, Columbus Industries has established themselves as an industry leader and

offers un-matched capability to customize their paint booth exhaust filters to create the longest lasting option possible.  Deciding to operate their own test lab for paint booth filters they are able to recreate your operating conditions (including your coating, gun, spray rate, and transfer efficiency) to challenge different filter options and even create a custom solution for the longest life possible between change-outs. 

This is key because when paint booth filters need to be changed the line stops – lowering the revenue the line can generate.  By extending your exhaust filters service life you will be able to generate more revenue and less waste.

Get your Spray Booth Filters Optimized for Performance
Since introducing HVAC filters to their offering in 1989 Columbus Industries now has a multitude of options for your paint booth intake filters as well.  Committed  to creating high efficiency filters with lower than normal pressure drop allows you to retrofit filters that remove more particulate, creating a better finished coating, without impacting the airflow of your booth, which as you can read in our free eBook Industrial Paint Booth Basics is critically important.

HVAC Air Filters:
Most companies that make HVAC air filters are focused on producing products that copy the rest and provide them at a lower price – but not Columbus Industries.  They focus on creating products with the lowest possible pressure drop, and they continue to create new products and new medias that offer a balanced combination of needed particulate removal efficiency and low static pressure.  The focus on low static pressure filters is important in today’s environment where energy savings is no longer an option – it’s a requirement.  With lower static pressure the less energy the filter will require to move air through it.

 Space saving design is also important to combat rising shipping costs.  In the industry the focus on 4” high-efficiency minipleat filters has been strong since the early 2000’s with many OEMs using the 4” minipleat as their go-to high efficiency filter because it allows them to build HVAC equipment with a smaller footprint which has multiple cost saving benefits in both equipment cost and when building the space that the equipment will be placed in a building.  Columbus Industries shines in this segment with their MicroShield line of filters – for example their MERV-14 MicroShield 4” minipleat has an industry leading initial static pressure of only 0.21” w.c. @ 500fpm air velocity.

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